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Wish List

Creating a sustainable homestead in a rural or wilderness area would be a lot easier with access to certain vital resources. So, we've created a "Wish List" of items that we really wish we could utilize for a while - if some angel out there could make it happen.

Our Wish List


RV Camper or Tiny House:

Dwelling on your land for significant periods of time, in order to get site preparatory work done, requires some sort of temporary living unit.

We had pretty good initial results with a rented RV camper, and we'll need use of another one soon. Or something similar.

Of course, even a "Tiny House" would be sufficient for our basic needs at this point in our project.

The ideal temporary shelter for homestead development needs to be mobile and have a working bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping area.


Mobile Workshop:

Getting a construction office, power tools and a workshop space onto a rural worksite presents many challenges.

We wish we had access to a mobile workshop that looks something like this custom unit made from a shipping container.

Or this large mobile makerspace.

Other future homesteaders could benefit from access to a mobile workshop as well.