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If you are ready to start building your sustainable green lifestyle, then Green Solutions is a good place to start your search for DIY green solutions. Listings here represent green tech solutions and experts that we have utilized ourselves and found to meet our high expectations. For legal reasons, we must add the disclaimer that these are not endorsements and that you should perform your own due diligence before purchasing any product or service from any provider.

Organic Gardening Solutions

Raised Bed Gardening
Taking your first step into organic gardening need not be merely a baby step. Why not invest a little time & money in a proven system for fast track organic food production using a quality raised bed gardening system that is delivered 'ready to go'? Just follow the included instruction booklet and watch in amazement as Mother Nature produces a bumper crop of delicious, nutritious organic vegetables and herbs for your kitchen. Once you see the ease with which good food can be grown in your own backyard, you will be hooked for life. Forget about toxic pesticide residues, genetically modified foods, and big carbon footprints. Just healthy organic produce from a few feet away from your back door.
Raised Bed Hoop House Gardening
Growing veggies all year long creates some interesting challenges, but Allen Rau has figured out a clever raised bed gardening system that handles them just fine. Using plastic water pipe, 9 gauge wire, pvc pipe, and Reemay cloth, Allen has an all seasons raised bed garden that produces right thru the winter. Careful snipping keeps those greens coming as plants will simply re-grow whatever you trim away. Got a bad back? So does Allen. Put your raised bed at a height that you can manage without back strain.
Large Scale Green Houses
A friend in Virginia is constructing a large scale, permanent greenhouse from discarded windows, lumber yard seconds, used bricks, and polycarbonate sheeting. When you live in a rural area you can build without undue regard for architectural aesthetics and citified building codes. The idea is to have an all-season food supply, not win a House & Garden greenhouse competition. Build it fast, build it cheap, and keep it simple. But be sure to consider snow loading, high winds, and other extreme weather events on structural integrity.
Maggie & I have a small 4'x10' organic garden that we've kept going all year long, and we needed a quick way to keep it from freezing during the winter. I improvised a makeshift greenhouse using 4x8 sheet of plywood, cinder blocks, cement pavers, a couple of tarps, and some discarded sash windows. By angling the roof, and angling the soil, rain runs down the back and automatically irrigates the plants. Let Mother Nature, and gravity, work for you. We built up our soil with cow manure and kitchen compost. Cool!


If you're visiting Asheville NC anytime soon, then stop by Creekside Nursery in Fairview and take a look at their DIY aquaponics system. The Gronek Family, led by aquaponics engineer Thomas Gronek, has an elaborate DIY aquaponics system in their greenhouse that includes a homebrewed Tilapia Breeding Tank (see photo).  Raising Tilapia fish for food, along with various vegetables & herbs, is a great way to build your sustainability index. More about Creekside Nursery on their Facebook site at:
Creekside Nursery, call Thomas & Heather Gronek at 828-299-7172

Solar Energy

Solar Space Heating
This project was an intresting experiment, and it featured a homebrew, DIY solar space heating system made from off-the-shelf components, like aluminum siding, pex piping, polycarbonate twinwall, 55 gal oil drum, and circulator pump. All the parts were installed including the temperature sensors and the system controller. The builder never fine tuned the digital system controller nor completely filled the system with costly transfer fluid. The system & the property were sold and the current system status is unkown.
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