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If you are ready to start building your sustainable green lifestyle, then our Green Marketplace is a good place to start your search for green products, services and solutions. Listings here represent green businesses and consultants that we have utilized ourselves and found to meet our high expectations. For legal reasons, we must add the disclaimer that these are not endorsements and that you should perform your own due diligence before purchasing any product or service from any provider.

Sustainable Organic Gardening

Taking your first step into organic gardening need not be merely a baby step. Why not invest a little time & money in a proven system for fast track organic food production using a quality raised bed gardening system that is delivered 'ready to go'? Just follow the included instruction booklet and watch in amazement as Mother Nature produces a bumper crop of delicious, nutritious organic vegetables and herbs for your kitchen. Once you see the ease with which good food can be grown in your own backyard, you will be hooked for life. Forget about toxic pesticide residues, genetically modified foods, and big carbon footprints. Just healthy organic produce from a few feet away from your back door. And you have a horticulture specialist as your advisor.
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Local Farmer's Market

The BP oil spill should be a wakeup call to us all: our addiction to oil now requires risky drilling in sensitive ocean areas where accidents will have massive ecological consequences for years into the future. One reason that we need so much oil is that our food is transported vast distances to our local supermarkets. So, you can cut your fossil fuel budget significantly, and help protect our marine environment, by shopping at your local farmer's market, and get 'just picked' vegetables & fruits from just a few miles away from your home.  "Eat Fresh... Buy Local" Then be even more green and buy organic - say "No thanks!" to toxic pesticides in your food supply. "Stay healthy: eat organic."

You are also keeping money circulating in your local economy instead of shipping it off to who knows where - "Support Your Local Community".

Here in Waynesville we are very fortunate to have our Waynesville Farmer's Market in the HART Theater parking lot on Wednesday's and Saturday's from 8am till 1pm every week.
Waynesville Farmer's Market, www.waynesvillefarmersmarket.com 

Direct to Consumer Organic, Free-Range Beef

If you saw the video documentary Food Inc., then you know how important it is to eat smart when it comes to beef. Insisting on grass fed, free range beef is the best way to keep an assortment of questionable substances out of your body, and you are supporting a more humane lifestyle for beef cattle, as well. They are God's creatures like all living things, so shouldn't they live a more natural, healthy life before ending up on your dinner table? If you agree, then why not help small, organic cattlemen to stay in business by buying their beef direct and putting some of those retail dollars right into their pockets instead of some giant middleman? You will be getting a quality, organic product at below retail price and directly helping both the farmer and the cows. 
Direct to Consumer: an idea whose time has come.