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Multipurpose Dome

We contemplated a homemade 25ft diameter dome frame from a friend to create a portable, multi-purpose enclosed dome for use with our "Green Equity Building System". With some minor improvements to the dome, it could be quickly erected for use as a community gathering tent, construction area, storage shed, emergency shelter, or other community purpose. Here is an artist's rendition of this useful structure:

Here is how it was made with a portable hydraulic
press to flatten the ends of 1/2" conduit pipe:

We envision using portable, temporary dome structures to jumpstart sustainable building and community development projects, and to host festivals, benefit concerts & fund raisers as needed.

This is a fantastic opportunity to construct something that could easily become a modern focal point of the local community, and a great way to further the understanding of environmental issues. For inquisitive minds, it may also be the first step into engaging in the art of sustainable building and the potential for everyday tools and materials as potential building components.

Many people would benefit from construction techniques like this, and sustainable buildings mean that soon companies that deal with specific needs and interests can put their talents towards bringing in materials just as often as taking them away. The modern look of the dome is sure to attract similar projects in the future, which will be a benefit to the community. If we aim to sustain as well as please, architecture could soon see a significant shift in its priorities in the next few decades.