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You can reach Green Equity Builders at:

Green Equity Builders
c/o Alan & Maggie Barton-McRae
3850 Indian Draft Rd
Millboro, VA 24460

Phone: 540-960-1651          Email: info@greenequitybuilders.org 

Alan & I are excited to share our diy panelized homebuilding system and green lifestyle experience with anyone who desires to create their own affordable, sustainable homestead.
You can support our work by buying my book of original poems, prose and short stories:
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As a professional IT Technician with a broad background in computing systems, networking & software apps, I am comfortable with all sorts of tools and complex technologies, so diving into diy homebuilding systems & sustainable homesteading is simply another opportunity to use my skills & creativity to support positive social change. I am also a committed supporter of Open Source, Green Lifestyles and the New Sharing Economy, so, for me, going green is a core value whose time has truly come. Let's get busy creating the future!