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About Us

Green Equity Builders is in its early developmental stage, as its founders reach out to other like-minded cultural creatives to develop our vision & mission statements, formulate a plan for incorporation as a 401c3 not-for-profit organization,  and strategize a way to reach our stated goals:

  • Create a non-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation of homeowner & stakeholder sweat equity in affordable, sustainable greenhome construction projects. 

  • Develop a "Green Equity Building System" based on owner & community built construction techniques similar to an Amish barn raising, but utilizing state-of-the-art panelized and modular building processes to stage construction over a flexible period of time based upon availability of volunteer labor. The beginnings of this building system can be found in our Little Eden Project Homestead Model design.

  • Facilitate alternative ways to finance construction costs so that prospective homeowners can ease into a sustainable long-term financial situation.

  • Where it is desirable, actively assist groups of like-minded people in designing, building, operating and maintaining their own small-scale sustainable homesteads.  

Green Equity is incremental stakeholder ownership in homes, buildings, farms, businesses and/or communities that are built on sustainability principles.

Our Vision

The so-called "American Dream" is crumbling. Educated, responsible people like ourselves are increasingly overstressed and stretched to their breaking points. Who, then, hasn't posed the question: "There must be a better way."

We all want to have a decent quality of life, so our basic needs are probably very similar to yours. The problem is that our consumer society is based on constantly creating more needs to be met - non-essential needs that can only be met by a non-sustainable combination of increasing credit card debt and incessant workaholism. The obvious solution is to re-examine our basic needs and prune away those that cannot be provided sustainably.

The timeliness of this is that with soaring foreclosure rates, record gasoline prices, and a global economic crisis in progress, returning to a healthier, simpler way of life holds more hopeful long-term possibilities.

A Way Forward to Sustainable Living

If we are willing to work with Nature and with each other, then we believe that there is a way forward to sustainable living and a better quality of life. Small, solar powered homes can free us from energy cartels, expensive home heating oil, and gigantic cash-guzzling mortgages. Less can be more when the setting is verdant temperate forests, clear running mountain streams, fish ponds stocked with trout, organic community gardens full of delicious food, and down-to-earth neighbors who share the same vision for sustainable living.

Some people have been living like this for years, and we hope to learn from them how they have managed to succeed where so many others have failed. Please note that we are not talking about hippie communes, religious cults, survival compounds or luxury gated communities. We will be looking at small thriving eco-villages of sensible people with solid lifestyle values who have made wise choices independent of our consumer culture and its social programming systems. We will then distill what we learn into an open source Guide to Affordable Sustainable Living in the 21st Century, publish the guide over the Internet, and then attempt to build a small sustainable community ourselves. A part of that community's mission statement will be a commitment to helping others to achieve the same goals.